Automate Setup Instructions

Jeremiah Snapp -

Concise instructions for getting value quickly from Automate's Visibility and Compliance components.

All products can be downloaded from our downloads site.

1. Get an Automate license file from Chef


2. Install Chef Server 12.11.1 or later


3. Install Automate server (requires 0.6.6 or later)


4. Enable compliance profile storage in Automate server


5. Integrate Chef Server with the Automate server (requires Chef Server 12.11.1 or later)


      1. Enables compliance profile storage so chef-clients can download Automate compliance profiles via the Chef Server

      2. Enables data_collector to collect and view chef-client run results and compliance profile scan results

6. Install latest Compliance server

    a. This is only required so we can download the profiles we want to upload to the Automate server. The Compliance server can be shutdown once the download is complete.

7. Download required profiles from the Compliance server to your workstation

    a. inspec compliance login --help

    b. inspec compliance download --help

8. Upload those profiles to the Automate server

    a. inspec compliance login_automate --help

    b. inspec compliance upload --help

9. Use chef-client 12.16.42 or later on the nodes so they will automatically use the Chef Server data_collector integration


10. Use audit cookbook version 2.2.0 or later to specify where to get profiles and where to send scan results


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