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Chef Server's (Reporting, actually) /runs endpoint is returning constant failures like this in your chef-client runs

[2017-12-05T14:35:13-06:00] ERROR: Server returned error 502 for, retrying 1/5 in 3s 
[2017-12-05T14:35:16-06:00] ERROR: Server returned error 502 for, retrying 2/5 in 8s 

Go ahead and run the following commands to make that immediately stop

rm /var/opt/opscode/nginx/etc/addon.d/*-reporting_*.conf chef-server-ctl hup nginx


Chef Server 12.15.6 Cannot reindex Solr or Elasticsearch indexes

 This issue did not exist in Chef Server 12.11.1

[root@chef-432 /]# head -1 /opt/opscode/version-manifest.txt
chef-server 12.15.6
[root@chef-432 /]# chef-server-ctl reindex demo
Reindexing orgs: ["demo"]
- Enqueueing data for indexing.
{"init terminating in do_boot",'cannot expand $ERTS_LIB_DIR in bootfile'}
Failed to enqueue data for demo! 

You can workaround this issue with

cd opt/opscode/embedded/service/opscode-erchef

root@chef-frontend1:/opt/opscode/embedded/service/opscode-erchef# export

root@chef-frontend1:/opt/opscode/embedded/service/opscode-erchef# bin/reindex-opc-organization complete demo

Removing all index entries for organization 'demo'...
Sending all data for organization 'demo' to be indexed again. It may take some time before everything is available via search.


Chef Server 12.16.14 breaks LDAP linkage. Every attempt results in a 500. Please upgrade to 12.17.5 or higher.


Chef Server 12.15.8 only allows a single data-collector/compliance token setting. Afterwards any reconfiguration attempt will work, but results in constant 401s when trying to actually use the endpoint. The problem can be found in the hardcoded token settings in /var/opt/opscode/nginx/etc/scripts/check_token_using_endpoint.lua and /var/opt/opscode/nginx/etc/scripts/check_token_using_endpoint_compliance.lua. You can edit those to match the token you are trying to use and it will work. However, do yourself a favor and Please upgrade to 12.17.33 or higher, which fixes the problem.



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