Manage WebUI LDAP Link Choice

Sean Horn -

These instructions apply to all versions of Manage 2.x and higher.

In general, no normal user of Manage should ever use the right side choice in the Manage screen shown in the attached image file, manage-ldap-choice.png

That choice means "I already have a user with the local Chef Server username of wellsa. The same one I just logged in to LDAP with". This would be the case when you have had a bunch of people using a Chef Server for some time, logging in without LDAP and creating users. Then, you decide to integrate the Chef Server with LDAP later. This option allows a user to link their LDAP username with their preexisting username on the Chef Server, from before it was integrated.

The most common choice is the left side one, which means "There is no local user named wellsa on the Chef Server, I want to create a new local Chef Server user and link it with my wellsa LDAP account". This would be the case when you install a brand new system with LDAP integration right from the beginning. No one but the creator has an account, and now you want people to start self-service logging in.

If you are not the administrator of the thing you are trying to login to, please have the person responsible for that system contact Chef Support.

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