Install and run fixie-scripts on-prem

Sean Horn -

/opt/opscode/embedded/bin/gem install chef_fixie

git clone chef_fixie in /opt/fixie
git clone fixie-scripts wherever

Edit /opt/fixie/fixie.conf.example to match authz user
and opscode_erchef password in /etc/opscode/private-chef-secrets.json
and also fixie.conf should refer to ChefFixie, not Fixie in the class in the first line of the conf file.

The results look like this

[root@chef-432 fixie-scripts]# ./node_counts.rb
# Orgs
Total: 2
Active in the last 30 days: 2
Active in the last day: 1
# Nodes
Total: 7
Updated in last 30 days: 7
Updated in last day: 5
[root@chef-432 fixie-scripts]#
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