Cap Automate data-collector queue

Sean Horn -

Log in to your Automate system and run the following commands to limit the data collector queue to 10k items. If this step is not taken, the potential exists for the Automate system's rabbitmq service to use all memory allocated to the Rabbitmq process. Once this memory is completely full, the Rabbitmq process will start spilling subsequent messages to disk, which radically impacts response time for all activities on those messages.

$ export PATH=/opt/opscode/embedded/bin:$PATH $ rabbitmqctl set_policy -p /insights max_length '(data-collector)' '{"max-length":10000}' --apply-to queues

When the capping has successfully taken place, you will see output like the following from Rabbitmq

Setting policy "max_length" for pattern "(data-collector)" to "{\"max-length\":10000}" with priority "0" ...
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