How Can I Clone an Automate System for Testing or an Update Fallback?

Sean Horn -

If I have an Automate 1.5.46 and I want to test an upgrade to 1.6.92,
I can follow the typical protocol, as below.

A few ways to have some peace of mind might include

  • Clone with VMWare capabilities or similar
  • automate-ctl stop and take a backup of /etc/delivery and /var/opt/delivery. This will get the config, data, and license.

After testing that the backup has the necessary stuff, you could do the upgrade in place in safety.

If the upgrade doesn’t look right or something fails

  • automate-ctl stop
  • rm -fr /var/opt/delivery/*
  • Restore the backup
  • Then uninstall the new RPM
  • rm -fr /opt/delivery
  • Install the original rpm, Automate 1.5.46 or whatever that matches the data you saved above.
  • Start back up with automate-ctl start and check it out
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