A little known fact about Enterprise Chef 11.1.x is that it's /users endpoint behaves identically to that of Chef Server 12.x

Eric Alwais -

A common question Support receives is how to delete users. Sometimes, users are no longer needed, or they may have been incorrectly defined, have the wrong email address, etc.

Interestingly, neither private-chef-ctl nor Manage support deleting users.

To delete a user, we can use the little known "raw" functionality of knife.

Conveniently, knife is embedded in every chef server at /opt/opscode/embedded/bin.

As the pivotal user, we can review the global user list like this

/opt/opscode/embedded/bin/knife raw /users -s https://[chefserverroot] -u pivotal -k ./pivotal.pem


Also as the pivotal user, we can delete a user like this

/opt/opscode/embedded/bin/knife raw -m DELETE /users/[user to be delete] -s https://[chefserverroot] -u pivotal -k .chef/pivotal.pem

NOTE: chefserverroot means to only specify the scheme and FQDN of the chef server, and leave out the /organization/NAME portion. 

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