Analytics Rules Webhook QuickStart

Sean Horn -

What does a properly configured web hook notification for all "actions" type messages look like in Analytics 1.1.6?

Let's set up a web hook notification with the alias "TestHook". If this notification receives any calls from Analytics rules, the web hook endpoint at will be triggered with a call encoded as application/json

Create a webhook notification

Go to and request a web hook endpoint to use and replace below with the unique endpoint identifier you are given.

Create a rule 

Now, we just have to create a rule to trigger the new TestHook.

You can do so with a rule like this. This rule will run when the Analytics server captures any activity message type coming from the Chef Server and it will call the TestHook notification as a result.

View the result of the webhook call

The result of the webhook call at the site will look like this, based on the above rule, if we create a client named yammer using the Manage webui on the Chef Server. The pivotal identity is used to stand-in for the actual requesting user ID for many operations in the Manage webui.


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