Analytics System Not Consuming Actions Messages

Sean Horn -

There are several reasons Analytics will not consume from the Chef Server /analytics/actions queue, this is not an exhaustive list, but contains a few of the most common reasons

* The 5672 port is being blocked by a firewall between your Analytics and Chef Servers. This communication is one-way only. Analytics needs access to the Chef Server.

* /tmp is being mounted noexec. This will prevent Storm and thus, the Alaska service from functioning, as by default the JVM underlying Storm topologies write files they need for their work in progress in /tmp. When Storm cannot read/mmap those files, it does not start up fully and begin consuming the /analytics/actions queue.

* The Analytics system has recently run out of disk space, corrupting Zookeeper's data store. This also prevents Storm and thus Alaska from starting and running properly. You can find another article here about that situation and how to fix it.

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