Analytics 1.3.0 disk space issues

Eric Alwais -

Customer installs 1.3.0 and has partitioning on, but then needs to purge data from prior to the upgrade. Are the old purge nodes command allowed or how do I do it?

  You can change the data retention settings and then do a re-configure. It may take a day or two to reclaim the space because a cronjob controlled by the retention settings must have time to run.

Q. I have 18 months of analytics data (let's pretend) and I install 1.3.0 with a default retention of 12 months. What happens to those last 6 months? Do they get converted to pg_partman and then dropped with the con job runs?

A. Yes but you will have to run the migrate command (opscode-analytics-ctl migrate-partition)

      migrate-partition command order of operations:
          1) Once the migrate-partition command is run it will move the data
          2) Then the cron job setup by the retention configuration will run to drop partitions that are out of the retention setting


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    Irving Popovetsky

    some comments:

    1) that github link at the end is private so customers cannot see it

    2) there's an important thing in the release notes that customers need to understand *before* running migrate-partition:

    ```Please note before upgrading to Analytics 1.3.0

    Once you reconfigure with analytics 1.3.0, partitioning will be installed. You will lose the ability to purge node data with opscode-analytics-ctl purge-nodes as this does not work with partitioned tables. Node data is no longer being saved as of 1.2.0, but there might be older data in need of downsizing. If you have disc space concerns please run this command before reconfiguring to 1.3.0. After you have reconfigured with 1.3.0, you will want to migrate your existing data into the newly created partition tables. This can take a while depending on how much data you have and it is recommended that you stop analytics during this time. If this step is not performed you will not get the performance benefits of using partitions and the data retention process will be unable to delete old data.```

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