Workaround Rebootstrapped Nodes in Analytics Nodes View

Sean Horn -

Problem reproduced on Analytics 1.2.0/1.3.0/1.3.1

Any node that has ever been noticed by Analytics and stored in the node_reports table of the actions database will have its active column set to ‘f’ or False if the Analytics system notices later that that Node has been deleted by the Chef Server. The node with that name will not show up again in the Node view even after a rebootstrap until you do one of the following things on the Analytics system

  1. Delete the node from the node_reports table
  2. Set the active column for the node to True


* You can view the nodes with

echo "select name,active from node_reports where name='check-new-chef';\x"| su - chef-pgsql -c 'psql actions'

For each of the following replace THENODENAME with the actual node name

* Delete the node_report record for the node. After the next run of the chef-client, the node will show up in the Analytics Nodes view again

echo "delete from node_reports where name='THENODENAME';"| su - chef-pgsql -c 'psql actions'

* If the rebootstrapped system is actually the same node, reset the active flag on that record with the following and it will show up in the Analytics Nodes view again

echo "UPDATE node_reports SET active = TRUE WHERE name='THENODENAME';"| su - chef-pgsql -c 'psql actions'
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