Search Indexing Issue after Upgrading to Chef Server 12.7.x+

Sean Horn -


When upgrading to 12.7.x and above from lower versions, it is intended that the opscode-expander-reindexer be removed automatically, however this is not currently happening. As a result, the unnecessary older service can interfere in the operation of the remaining service, opscode-expander. This will cause the rabbitmq queue that acts as an intermediary between the opscode-erchef and opscode-solr4 services to back up.



Until a new release of Chef Server is made with the fix, try running a chef-server-ctl stop opscode-expander-reindexer and chef-server-ctl stop opscode-expander, then start up just the expander again with chef-server-ctl start opscode-expander . You might also need to restart rabbitmq to get things moving again.

To make the above opscode-expander-reindexer shutdown permanent through restarts and reconfigures of the Chef Server, please run the following commands


 chef-server-ctl stop opscode-expander-reindexer
rm -f /opt/opscode/service/opscode-expander-reindexer

You can check progress with the following. The output of the command should be zero, otherwise a queue is present or building.

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/opscode/embedded/bin
rabbitmqctl list_queues -p /chef | head -n -1 | tail -n +7 | awk '{total+=$2} END {print total}' 


If that doesn't get things up and running, feel free to run a chef-server-ctl gather-logs and send Support the resulting archived log files and we'll take a look with you!

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