User locked out of Manage?

Shaun Mouton -

Internal Logins

When Chef Manage is not configured to use external logins, lock information is stored in Redis. You will need to log into Redis to view locks and remove them:

export PATH=$PATH:/opt/opscode/embedded/bin
export REDIS_PASS=$(chef-server-ctl show-secret redis_lb password)
redis-cli -a $REDIS_PASS -p 11002 --scan

After that last command, you'll see a good amount of output on a busy Chef Server. Look for the username of the person who's having the issues logging in.

You can view what is stored for that user by running something like the following (example is for a user named `chefadmin`):

redis-cli -a $REDIS_PASS -p 11002 get chefadmin

Then, you can remove remove that stored entry using something like

redis-cli -a $REDIS_PASS -p 11002 del chefadmin

LDAP Logins

If Chef Manage is configured to use LDAP for login and there are strange lockout issues, this could potentially be due to Manage's login attempt tracking. Try doing the following to address this issue:

chef-manage-ctl reconfigure
chef-manage-ctl restart


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